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Triumph of the Constitution: American Muslims and Religious Liberty

University of Rochester Press
October, 2018

The U.N. Defamation of Religions Resolution and Domestic Blasphemy Laws: Creating a Culture of Impunity

Central European University Press.

The Indonesian Blasphemy Act: A Legal and Social Analysis

University of California Press,

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Book Chapters

“The Social Psychology of Religious Liberty Depolarization,” Brigham Young University Law Review, forthcoming 2024

“Religion and Identity Capitalism,” Wayne State Law Review, forthcoming 2024

“Religious Liberty for Religious Child-Welfare Organizations: Promises and Perils,” Notre Dame Law Review, 2023

“Religious Liberty Interest Convergence,” William & Mary Law Review, 2022


“A Religious Double Standard: Post-9/11 Challenges to Muslims’ Religious Land Use,” Michigan Journal of Race and Law, 2021


Chapter on Islam and Right-Wing Populism in Global Islamophobia in an Era of Populism (forthcoming, Oxford University Press)

"Religious Liberty Interest Convergence," William & Mary Law Review, William & Mary Law School, 2022.

Chapter 25, “Understanding—and Bridging—Religious Liberty Tribalism: A Case Study in Talking About Muslims’ Rights with Christian Conservatives” in The Routledge Handbook on Cross-Cultural Religious Literacy: Multi-Faith Global Engagement Toward Covenantal Pluralism (Routledge, Fall 2021)

“When Islam Is Not a Religion: Challenges to Muslims’ Rights and Religious Liberty as a Possible Solution", Exploring Hate: An Anthology (Brookings Press, Summer 2020).


“Provocative Speech in French Law: A Closer Look at Charlie Hebdo,” Florida International University Law Review, Florida International University School of Law, 2016.

“Free Speech and Public Order Exceptions: A Case for the U.S. Standard,” Brigham Young University Law Review, Brigham Young University School of Law, 2016.

“Intragroup Discourse and Legal Protections for Intragroup Dissent in Muslim-Majority Countries,” Chicago-Kent Law Review, Chicago-Kent School of Law, 2014 

“The First Amendment: Religious Freedom for All, Including Muslims,” Journal of Civil Rights and Social Justice, Washington & Lee University School of Law, 2014 

“A First Amendment Analysis of Anti-Sharia Initiatives,” First Amendment Law Review, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill School of Law, 2011 


“Religious Freedom Implications of Sharia Implementation in Aceh, Indonesia,” University of St. Thomas Law Journal, University of St. Thomas School of Law, 2011 

“Evolution Toward Neutrality: Evolution Disclaimers, Establishment Jurisprudence Confusions, and a Proposal of Untainted Fruits of a Poisonous Tree,” Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion, Rutgers University School of Law, 2007 

Religious Modesty for Women and Girls

Cambridge University Press.
May, 2018

American Muslims, American Islam, and the American Constitutional Heritage

University of Oklahoma Press,

A Legal Analysis of Ahmadi Persecution in Pakistan

Ashgate Publishers, 2014

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